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Section 1.1 This organization shall be known as the SACRAMENTO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC., (aka SARC).

ARTICLE II - Objectives

Section 1.1 The objectives of the Club are:

1. To promote interest in Amateur Radio communications and to further aid in the development of the art;

2. To act in protecting the rights of Amateur Radio operators;

3. To assist all Amateurs in abiding by the Radio Amateur's Code;

4. To offer aid to those interested in becoming Radio Amateurs;

5. To offer radio communication assistance to State, County, and Municipal governments, and disaster relief organizations in emergencies affecting the health and safety of the community;

6. To offer radio communication for local special events to aid with medical emergencies and communication between posts regarding events, thus lessening the burden of need for governmental public service;

7. To afford a daily opportunity for emergency oriented Amateurs and public service organizations to make announcements and pass along information.

ARTICLE III - Membership

Section 1.1 Regular membership in this organization shall consist of persons of good repute who are interested in Amateur Radio.

Section 1.2 Membership shall not be denied or restricted because of age, race, color, creed or national origin.

Section 2.1 Membership shall be obtained by application in writing and acceptance by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE IV - Government

Section 1.1 Government of the Club shall be vested in its officers, as provided for in the Bylaws.

ARTICLE V - Meetings

Section 1.1 The December meeting shall be the annual meeting.

Section 1.2 Regular and special meetings shall be held according to the Bylaws.

Section 1.3 Special event held in the last full weekend of June each year.

ARTICLE VI - Amendments

Section 1. This Constitution may be amended, enlarged or repealed by vote of a majority of the members present in person at any meeting of the members, the notice of which shall have included notice of the proposed amendment, enlargement or repeal; but only if, such majority shall consist of not less than twenty percent (20%) of all members entitled to vote.



Section 1. Classes of Membership. Membership in the Club shall consist of two classes: Regular members and Associate members. Regular members shall be valid licensed Amateurs and Associate members shall be members who do not hold an Amateur Radio license.

Section 2. Honorary Members. The executive committee may confer Honorary Membership upon persons of distinction in their field for such reasons as the Executive Committee may feel are good and sufficient.

Section 3. Membership dues. All members, except Honorary Members, family, and student members shall pay dues of sixteen dollars ($20.00) per calendar year. Student dues shall be eight dollars ($10.00) per year; students shall be enrolled in at least 12 units. New members joining after January may have their dues prorated. Immediate family dues; five dollars ($5.00) for each member after the first family member who shall pay twenty ($20.00) per year. Family members must be at the same mailing address. There will be a repeater donation of $4.00 included within the dues to provide for any equipment that may be needed for this reason.

Section 4. Voting Rights. Each regular member of the Club, except Honorary Members, shall be entitled to one vote at any meeting of the Club.

Section 5. Termination. After fulfilling all obligations to the Club, any member may resign by giving written notice to the Secretary.

If any member shall become ninety (90) days in arrears in payment of his dues, his membership shall automatically terminate; however, said member may be reinstated by the Executive Committee after payment of back dues in full.

If the Executive Committee shall find that any member has acted in a manner detrimental to the interests of the Club or to the furtherance of its objectives, or who conducts himself at a meeting or on the air in a manner unbecoming an Amateur's conduct; then in any such case the Executive Committee, after having given such member an opportunity to be heard and after having considered the facts of the case, may by written notice sent by mail to such member at his address recorded with the Club, terminate his membership.

ARTICLE II - Meetings

Section 1. The regular meetings of the members of the Club shall be the second Wednesday of the month.

Section 2. The business at the December annual meeting shall include the election of the Officers for the next year.

Section 3. At the October meeting of each year candidates shall be nominated for the various offices of the Club for the following year.

Section 4. Special meetings of the members may be called at any time by the Executive Committee.

Section 5. Notice of each meeting of members whether annual, regular or special shall be given at least two (2) days before the day on which the meeting is to be held and be given to each member by mail addressed to him or her at his or her address registered with the Club, or the registered e-mail address as provided on the membership application. If the time of a normal monthly meeting conflicts with a major holiday period, the Executive Committee may change the meeting time to a more suitable date and notify the membership as provided above.

Section 6. At all meetings of the members, the presence in person of twenty-five percent (25%) the voting members of the Club shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business.

ARTICLE III - Officers

Section 1. Only licensed Amateurs, as regular members, may hold elective office.

Section 2. The officers of this organization shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and no more than six Directors, two of which, may include the trustee of the club radio license W6AK, and the newsletter editor. Up to six (6) Directors are regular members elected by the members to attend to the administrative affairs of the Club.

Section 3. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and shall preside over all meetings of the Club and the Executive Committee; call meetings; and appoint all committees as may prove necessary, reflecting always the wishes of the body at large.

Section 4. The Vice President shall perform all duties assigned to him by the President, and in the absence of the President shall be the presiding officer at meetings.

Section 5. The Secretary shall attend to giving notice of all meetings of members and of the Executive Committee and shall keep and attest true records of all proceedings thereat. Additionally, the secretary must maintain copies of all documents such as the current insurance, a list of the current membership, and any and all membership applications.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall have care and custody of all monies and funds of the Club and shall deposit or cause to be deposited all funds of the Club in the authorized depository of the Club. The Treasurer shall also record and provide receipts for all payments of monthly dues and repeater donations. The treasurer is to keep all state and federal tax forms, the exempt statuses current and the account balances available for review as requested by the members, the general public, and/or state or federal appointees.

ARTICLE IV - Committees

Section 1. The officers of the Club shall comprise the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The Executive Committee may create groups of members to further special interests, skills and service to the community.

Article V – Dissolution of Organization

Section 1. Each Member and Honorary Member of this organization shall be notified by mail addressed to him or her at his or her address registered with the Club, or the registered e-mail address as provided on the membership application on the case of dissolution of this organization.

Section 2. Upon dissolution of this organization the monies within the fund will be disbursed to aid in the continuation of those eager to successfully gain their amateur license, or to further their upgrades thereafter.

ARTICLE VI - Amendments Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended, enlarged or repealed by vote of a majority of the members present in person at any meeting of the members, the notice of which shall have included notice of the proposed amendment, enlargement or repeal; but only if such majority shall consist if not less than twenty percent (20%) of all members entitled to vote.

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