Club Repeater Info

The SARC has sponsored the 146.910 repeater W6AK since 1961. The 2 Meter repeater is located in the Sacramento downtown area and the 220 repeaters is located close to Mather field. The repeaters are used as the resource and coordination frequency to support the California Blood Bank System and CalEMA (California Emergency Management Agency).
A unique net is conducted at 12 noon (local time), seven days a week on this repeater. It is called the "Sacramento Noon Net" and consists of representatives from federal, state, county, and city agencies, emergency and disaster relief organizations along with those hams interested in emergency communications. Roll is called by unit number and organization name so that any non-ham listening can appreciate the value of the net.

Visitor checkins are encourged on the net

Frequency Offset PL Notes
146.910 MHz -600 kHz 162.2 Hz This machine is linked to K6JRB in Davis.
224.100 MHz -1.6 MHz 100 Hz This machine is not linked.
442.800 MHz +5 MHz 100 Hz Shutdown due to PAVEPAW interference problem

Trustee for the repeaters is Tom Preston, KQ6EO

Last updated by KQ6EO 11/13/16